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New mobile version now available

Today I decided to make my blog friendly for mobile browsers, so I started exploring options. After all, today was a day off from work for me. Being that my theme, K2, is a relatively generic theme, I thought it would have come with a generic mobile theme too, but it did does not.

I didn’t know if the answer was a plug-in or a new theme that supported multiple style sheets. Fortunately, there is a plug-in—dozens of plug-ins actually. Two big ones that surfaced in my searches were WordPress Mobile Pack and WordPress Mobile Edition. I wish I had the time, desire, and a test blog to compare the two against one another along with a complement of mobile OS testing environments, but I decided to just Google someone else’s work. I landed on WP Fangirl’s entry WPtouch, WordPress MobilePack, and WordPress Mobile Edition. It’s not a full test, but it was enough for me to go with WordPress Mobile Pack.