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Water for Elephants movie

Last weekend, we watched Water for Elephants, and what got me aback was how much Polish was spoken in this movie, especially by non-native speakers, like the star Robert Pattinson.

It a tough movie to watch for animal lovers. It was ironic to me that I enjoyed this movie about trained animals, especially an elephant, when elephants were usually my least favorite act in circuses. I guess I always had pity for those poor animals that were trained for our entertainment. I think it’s amazing what they can do, but it doesn’t seem natural and doesn’t seem really that amazing in comparison to other acts today. The movie was really good, though.

Drive to Five-hundred thousand miles in an Acura

In the latest issue of the Acura newsletter, I learned that Acura invited road warrior traveler Tyson Hugie to their corporate headquarters in Torrance, California to celebrate the turn over of the odometer to 5-0-0-0-0-0 in Hugie’s 1994 Acura Legend. As an Acura owner myself, I felt proud of Hugie’s accomplishment.

A data analyst by day and a traveler on his own time, Hugie has a blog Drive to Five documenting his travelers to the legendary half million miles and beyond.

What’s amazing is that this car made the drive on its original engine, transmission, and clutch. I hope my engine can get this far, but I’m already on my second transmission. This makes me want to plan a road trip.

Josh Bassett, Releasing Official Album and Needs your Backing

One of my best friends who was my college roommate junior year in Miami is in the final stages of releasing his full length studio album. He started a KickerStart project page to find backers. Kickstart is the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects. The way it works is that you pledge money, but no money is exchanged until the funding goal is reached, which ensures a successful project and protects everyone involved.

Josh will use the money for:

  • CD pressing
  • Album art: photos and graphic artists
  • Website

This isn’t your average rock music.

You can preview the album’s music on Josh’s SoundCloud page.