Channeling My Ancestors by Having No Hot Water

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I haven’t written much since we moved to our new place, but here’s something to remember. For about the last 26 hours, we have been without hot water, and there is no estimated time of resolution. The last estimated time was today afternoon, but that hour came and went.

I went to work today without bathing, but I did what I could. This evening, I decided I was going to bathe one way or another. Meanwhile, cold delicate laundry was not a problem. With no hot water into the late evening, I decided I was going to heat my own water on the stove in pots and dump boiling water into the bathtub partially filled with cold water.

First, I cleaned my bathtub because I did not want to sit in more dirt than I already had to. I started boiling water in my one electric kettle and all pots I have. I filled up the bathtub halfway with cold water, and then started hauling the freshly boiled water to the tub. I knew it would take at least two rounds of this, but it ended up taking about four rounds to get not even lukewarm water. The whole ordeal took almost an hour, and with each trip from the stove to the bathroom, I felt more and more in touch with ancestors who filled up bathtubs this way their entire lives.

I’m glad I could be resourceful in time of need.

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