Drive to Thanksgiving

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For Thanksgiving, we went to Monica’s family who live near Tahlequah. The food is phenomenal and the people are lovely. I like the drive there because the last leg of the trip, from Tahlequah to their house, is a road so twisty that it always makes me feel like I’m a driver in a car commercial. It’s a stretch of road on Oklahoma State Highway 100 and 82 starting from junction at U.S. Route 62, heading south for about 21 miles. The road continues further, but we only travel the first 21 miles of it.

This time, we drove through freezing rain, which made the trip feel significantly more dangerous. My car displayed an outside temperature between 34 and 33 degrees Fahrenheit (1.1 C and 0.5 C). Most of the time, the rain was liquid, but every now and then, a few frozen crystals fell between the liquid droplets. This stretch of the trip took 24 minutes, with a maximum elevation of 989 feet and a minimum elevation of 649 feet (301.4m and 197.8m, respectively). My ears popped a few times. I drove the that entire stretch in manual shifting mode. I’ve never shifted gears on any stretch of road, or even have needed to shift as much, as much as I did on this road. It was fun.

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On the way home, we took a route that was previously untraveled by us but was suggested by the GPS, as well as, Google Maps in the past. The fact that the maps were completely accurate, as well as, the navigation AI logic was sound, gave me much more trust into my GPS unit. The route home took us through a long part of I-40, which has much construction prior to getting onto the Muskogee Turnpike, which also had some construction. If I knew about the construction, I probably would have chosen to return the same way we came, through Tahlequah. This was yet another reminder of just how neglectful I’ve been of doing my homework prior to trips. It’s something that I can do while I’m at work. I can check the Oklahoma Department of Transportation for all construction and check my gas card’s website for all the gas stations on any possible route. I really must raise the priority on completing this research before any trip outside of my metro area. With all the stimulus money spend on roads, the construction situation changes faster than word of mouth travels in my circles regarding this topic.

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