Philomena movie review

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Philomena is a very powerful movie because unlike in fiction, it depicts a story arch that does not get to complete. Philomena was forced to live in a covenant to give birth to a baby out of wedlock and who was later taken away from her for adoption. She searched for her son ever since. It is based on a true story, and after watching the special features containing interviews with the creators, I believe the story is close enough to the truth to certainly do it justice and send a message to world. I always try to take a lesson away from a film, and this film by all means explains that life is not fair, there are cruel people in the world who really deserve pity more than anything else, and life is too short but not too short to spend it on driving towards an important life mission. One never knows what one will accomplish on a long journey, but if it is an important journey, then one must accept it and make the path towards that target.

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