Great Social Interaction: Dallas PD joked with me on Twitter

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Today I had an interaction on social media with the Dallas Police Department.

I kind of know social media, but I’m no expert. As companies spring up specializing in the art of social media, I learn something new each time I read about their recommendations. I seem to keep getting more and more Twitter followers without much effort on my part. My account, now @Loogle, has been around August 2009, and now I have 112 followers who many of which recently I think are trying to get me to follow them back. I haven’t quite learned the ropes of Twitter, and I used not feel like using it much mostly because I don’t like the completely open publicity of it, and because I never got much interaction back from others, besides this recent increase in followers. However, I think I’m starting to get a better idea about it, and that one piece of advice is like the recommendations I’ve read to popularize one’s blog: comment on other posts.

So today, to be fun, which is sometimes a novel concept for me as a first born, I decided to reply to the Dallas Police Department’s comical tweet about wanting an Apache helicopter for its air division.

I drafted my comment while thinking about when fictional police use to chase me in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV, especially when I was flying in a stolen helicopter. The conversation continued like this:

This was probably one of the richest conversations I’ve had on Twitter so far, and I think I’ll engage more often. This Facebook post by George Takei today inspired me to sort of run my mouth on Twitter. Some of these tweet exchanges between customers and corporations are hilarious.

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