Why good leaders make you feel safe — Simon Sinek’s TED Talk

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I always love a good TED Talk, and although this one is a little short on enthusiasm and flare, the message here is worth hearing, especially if you work in a group environment or organization of any size. What makes a good leader is something that has interested me ever since I reported to leaders. One thing that is well pointed out in this speech is that leadership is not the same thing as authority. Simon Sinek states in this presentation that is is possible to be the highest rank of authority and not be a leader at all, and it’s also possible to be in the lowest ranks with no authority and be the true leader of the group.

A good leader makes you feel safe, and that doesn’t only make good logical sense, it is biological. It is in our cells.

The leader is key to a group because “the leader sets the tone.” Good leaders grow the group. They nurture, educate, encourage, and build confidence within the group’s individuals. I don’t know if I agree with the one organization that Simon Sinek uses as an example where the never fire anyone for performance because I’ve worked for an organization like that, but I guess this organization only hires people who are really passionate about the field. This was an enlightening presentation.

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