Saw 3D movie review

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I truly enjoy the Saw franchise because each film is like a set of moral barometer tests for each individual viewer. Explaining the back to story to each victim allows the viewer to ask him or herself is this violence that the victim, and use that term loosely, justified. The point is, people often want to hurt someone who has hurt them, and people who cuased the pained have been wished by others to experience pain. This Saw series looks in the face of these “bad” people who usually, all of a sudden, become remorseful. The question the viewer is left asking oneself, “How much pain is justified for this person, and if any, is death even justified?” Very few victims are innocent.

The creators attempt to touch a nerve on at least two levels, the abuse caused by the victim before that abuser became a victim, and secondly, the type of torture experienced by that victim. The most topical question is, “what would I have done? Could I have made it alive through the test?” The question is great, but I think the more important question is would you, the viewer, put your abuser into such a test, or at least stand by and not help.

The movie purports that these victims can learn from their traumatic experiences and turn their life around. That works for some of the victims who survive, but not all.

The theme of this film, Saw 3D1 was lying. This film asked the question, “Would you sacrifice a lover who you learned was cheating and lying to you?” Also, “would you condemn someone who makes monetary gain while gaining fame and sympathy of others that is based on a complete lie? Furthermore, would you condemn those who dedicated their lives to helping such a lie propagate? Finally, the question in this film, and probably all the films in the series, is whether sins are on a spectrum, or are all immoral acts equally immoral.

1 Watching this movie home on DVD was in normal 2D, not 3D.

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