Blizzard of 2011, February 1

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This is a story of snow storm of epic proportions. I worked from home that Tuesday and Wednesday, predominantly if my coworker with a 4×4 truck was unable to make the drive, then my front-drive sports sedan certainly should not even consider attempting it. However, two coworkers were able to make it to work. My coworker with the 4×4, and with whom I carpooled on Thursday and Friday, drove out of his neighborhood that Tuesday morning leaving the only tire tracks in his subdivision and drove for about 1 mile where he made a three point turn before a bridge and drove back home.

The next morning was also reasonable impassable, especially since my jobs provide us the luxury of working from home.1

NASA posted a gorgeous satellite photograph of Earth with the massive blizzard covering the North American continent.2 There was something sentient about knowing that I am in that photograph, somewhere, under that very large cloud.

NASA GOES-13 satellite photo of storm of Midwest U.S.

Image Credit: NOAA/NASA GOES Project

1 The cost of this luxury comes with requirements to work from home after hours.
2 I stumbled upon this photograph from a tweet by Wired magazine

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