Why is a work-week time consuming?

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I have been a student for most of my life. I only entered the professional world about 3 years ago where I am far behind colleagues my age. Large reason for this is I had a quasi career change about two years after I finished college where I went back to college to get a completely different degree.

Throughout my college years, the constant need of shifting subjects during homework annoyed me the most. I am the kind of person who likes to go in deep and work on one matter for marathon lengths, especially if the subject interests me. I can get interested in virtually subject, but I do not like to pause critical thinking just to meet a deadline for another class. When complaining about this to professionals, they assured me there will be mutli-tasking in the professional world as well. I agree, but I disagreed to conceptually distant from one another the multiple tasks would be. I wanted to solve my database class problem before I dug deep into biology concepts because those database concepts would continue to fly around in my head while I was working on biology.

I believed this switching of subjects was a big consumption of energy, and easily took more than eight hours of work a day. Furthermore, I worked in my bedroom, so there was no “going home for the day”. My work was constantly around me, always nagging to get done. And do it correctly required everything I had in me.

As it turns outs, the switching of subjects was not the most energy consuming thing possible, and having a day job is itself the most consuming thing I do. Furthermore, I learned that it is absolutely critical to enjoy the day job, no matter what because the choice at the end of the day is very simple: One either is energized because one worked on a something enjoyable all day, or one is exhausted because one worked on something unpleasant all day. What one does is not very alterable, but the attitude towards it is very alterable. Conclusively, to make the work week as short as possible yielding as much personal time as possible is to get enough sleep and enjoy what one does, no matter what.

Sometimes I do what I want to do. The rest of the time, I do what I have to. – Cicero in 2000 film Gladiator when answering Maximus about duty.

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