The Social Network movie review

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I saw The Social Network tonight, and I was impressed with the movie. I realize there have been some statements how inaccurate the movie, but it still was a really good movie. The soundtrack by Trent Reznor was incredibly awesome. Trent’s rendition of Edvard Grieg’s In the Hall of the Mountain King during the crew race. Really, each queu was quite memorable in soundscape.

The moviemakers did a nice touch with recreating the old looks of the famous websites, most noticeably to me Network Solution’s website, which looked completely different in the movie than it does today. The rest of the pages shown, I’m sure, had similar treatments, especially with the evolution of the Facebook website.

I think most importantly, the movie tried to explain how revolutionary ideas essentially grow from the ground up. They mentioned that a social network requires a “critical mass” to get started. And a topic dear to me and words that resonated with me, was when Sean Parker said that Napster changed the music industry for ever, which he did. Napster is actually a great idea, although BitTorrent picks up from there, it’s just that music industry does not know how to monetize that type of distribution system, so they do everything they can to stop it to continue making money their old ways.

Jesse Eisenberg, who played as Mark, was great in his timing and speed of delivery. I don’t know the real mannerisms of Mark, but Jesse sure channeled a nerd with type-A personality. I imagine a world where a pop-star would be made fun of being in film and that it would be cliché to applaud such a star, I have nothing to say against Justin Timberlake. I think he did a fine job with many character developing gestures. Quite frankly, I thought it was poetic to cast one of RIAA‘s most lucrative assets as the co-founder of Napster. That in itself set an undertone for me as to what The Social Network was really trying to say. I think the story is about how the power of the people will always undercut the power of top-down organizations, especially when people are provided with a new technology. This should really just be a warning of how something so simple took the world by a wave. I don’t think the next waves will be so “small”.

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