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When I first heard that Transcendent Man will be released, I was very excited. I had its release dates marked in my calendar for months ahead of time. This movie was the only one of two things that I ever pre-ordered in my life, the other being the JoMoX MBase 11.

The film impressed me by illustrating so well in the video medium all of the things that I’ve read about Ray Kurzweil’s predictions. The film covered equally between who Ray Kurzweil is, his technological prediction about the technological singularity, and his longevity efforts. This is certainly a good film for anyone who is new to Ray Kurzweil’s concepts, but the film may fall short for anyone well acquainted with Kurzwiel’s writings and is trying to learn something new and deep.

The most interesting parts of the film for me were about the history of Ray Kurzweil’s life and how he lives today. I thought that it was very interesting how Kurzweil allowed his opponents state their opinions while Kurzweil provided virtually no direct rebuttal.

Be prepared to hear the word “exponential” and “exponentially” more times than you have ever heard in a 83 minutes.

If you’re interested in learning more about Ray Kurzweil’s ideas, begin in this order:

  1. Watch Kurzweil’s talk at TED from 2005.
  2. Read the The Ray Kurzweil Reader, a collection of essays published from 2001 to 2003 on virtual reality, artificial intelligence, radical life extension, conscious machines, the promise and peril of technology, and other aspects of our future world.
  3. Check out website Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence and subscribe to the newsletter.
  4. Then read one of his books, most notably The Age of Spiritual Machines1 and The Singularity Is Near.

1available as a free e-book, but I read it by checking out a free copy from my local library.

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