Country Strong movie review

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Last night we watched Country Strong. That movie was one of the biggest let downs that I can remember. I kept waiting for something to click, and it just never did. The whole movie was a convoluted sequence of disjointed scenes displaying one substance abuse episode after another.

The whole movie was about a fictitious country singer’s struggle to sobriety. We never learned why she was struggling. We’re just forced to assume we can associate with a rock star’s problems to such a degree that we can simply extrapolate the history by reading between the lines.

Whoever green-lighted this project must have been involved with similar issues portrayed in this movie to simply not be able to imagine the lacking a commoner’s point of view and think there was sufficient character development. I didn’t feel moved at all by this film. The movie writer, Shana Feste, who was also the director, should find a different day job.

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