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Little Red Wasp restaurant review

I visited the Little Red Wasp yesterday as part of an excursion to Ft. Worth. Since I took the TRE from Dallas and got off at Ft. Worth’s Intermodal Transportation Centerstation, The Little Red Wasp was one of the closest establishments to the station that I wanted to try.

I had the Crispy Chicken sandwich, which is just like the menu states, a sandwich that requires a knife and fork to eat. The sandwich was a spicy breaded fried chicken breast on a sub roll stacked with a spicy coleslaw that had jalapenos. It came with a side of chips. The sandwich was taller than it was wide, and it had a 6 inch stick going through each half just to keep the sandwich from falling apart. The coleslaw was the spiciest slaw that I’ve ever eaten. Removing a few of the jalapenos helped calm down the heat, but just the creamy addressing alone had a reddish color to it that probably contained in part the source of the heat. After having ordered the appetizer of chips and ranch dip, which was very good, I could not finish the second half of my sandwich. I enjoyed the leftover half the next day for dinner. The chips were potatoes chips that are made there, hot and greasy, and the dip was ranch dip that tasted extremely fresh. The beer selection on tap was limited to about six beers, but the selection was excellent. The waiter gave me a nice little cardboard box that folded close to put my leftovers in, but that solution did not work out carrying it in my backpack. So, I received one of those quasi-disposable plastic tupperware boxes that they use for carry-out orders, and that worked out great, especially considering it squashed some of my sandwich down, which the staff verified is normal procedure for this sandwich, and that kept my sandwich together during transport. I was happy.

I’d definitely come back again, but first I’ll explore the rest of Ft. Worth some more.