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BOINC: An unexpected heat source that gives in many ways

With the cold weather upon us here in Dallas, I like to turn some typical heat sources around the house into contributing to heat generation. The typical cooking and baking is rather common knowledge as a method to assist with heating, and I always enjoy leaving a hot cooling oven ajar to heat up the house. However, one source that many folks may not consider are home computers. When computers run at 100% computing capacity, they give off quite a bit of heat, enough so that during the hot southern summers, I stop doing what I’m about to start doing now during cold months because it gives off so much heat that an air-conditioner on a hot day cannot easily keep up.

BOINC Logo I participate in distributive computing using BOINC, Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing, a system that allows individuals to donate free CPU cycles to a worthy cause. I donate free CPU cycles to several projects but mainly to SETI@home and Cosmology@home, but there are many projects within many fields of study to choose. So, yes, I help search for aliens. SETI@home logo

When I get all of my computers running at 100%, it causes the computers to blow out heat, as well as, typically turn up their fan speeds to help, which is unfortunately a more noisy. As a result, the room is warm, and I get to assist with research. I run this on my Windows machines, on a Debian Linux box, and I want to try to run it on my Android phone.