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Ozzy Osbourne and Slash concert

I just witnessed Slash and Ozzy in concert. I’ve never seen Slash in person, and I haven’t seen Ozzy since 1996. Both performers were stellar.

Ozzy Osbourne

I felt really inspired watching Slash perform Mr. Brownstown.

Slash Setlist BOK Center, Tulsa, OK, USA 2011, Scream World Tour

I hoped to hear him play the November Rain solo, but he didn’t. Ozzy played all of my favorites except for Perry Mason. My favorites were, I Don’t Know, Mr. Crawley, Crazy Train, War Pigs, Iron Man, and Paranoid.

Ozzy Osbourne Setlist BOK Center, Tulsa, OK, USA 2011, Scream World Tour

One of the best parts was the solos by each of the musicians. The drummer’s platform was raised way up into the air as he played his solo.
Tommy Clufetos during drum solo

As tradition goes, Ozzy’s musicians take a 10 to 15 minute interlude taking turns soloing while Ozzy goes off stage for a break. The solos were flawless, as well as the rest of the show. It really goes to say that many bands simply do not have good enough musicians to pull off such incredible instrumental interludes.

I forgot how funny Ozzy is. Just like in 1996, the intruduction to Ozzy’s set had a spoof of popular blockbuster’s with Ozzy cut in. Here is someone’s homevideo of the intro.